What is Open Space Technology ?
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What is Open Space Technology ?
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At the end of each conversation, results of the discussion are entered into a computer by one of the participants.

At the end of all discussions and a plenary closing session, the Open Space ends with providing each of the participants with a copy of the full report., which is a good basis for planning the necessary follow-up activities.


In the case of a one day Open Space (or a long afternoon), a smaller group – for example the Management Team – analyses results, and decides which follow-up activities are indicated.

In a 2 day Open Space, organizing material, prioritizing and making action plans are done by the whole group. In 2.5 – 3 day Open Space events, there is additional time for reflection, coordination, and to start implementation.

The role of the Faciltator in Open Space

Fully present, totally invisable

An experienced Open Space-facilitator is essential.  Prior to the event, the facilitatir

Een ervaren Open Space-begeleider is van groot belang. Voorafgaand decides whether Open Space can be used for the issue as formulated. If this is not the case, he/she can suggest another design for the meeting.

The faclitator also assists in creating an effective invitation, identifying who should be invited and how to motivate them to come, and to plan the preparation process. The faclitator provides checklists for all practical and logistical issues.

During the event itself the facilitator’s main task is to create the open space, and to keep it open.
Fully present and totally invisible – after all, in Open Space, participants create the solution.

Regardless of the number of participants, only one facilitator is needed.

Open Space Technology, a new way to find and create solutions and the way forward

If you wish more information about Open Space Technology, contact the Open Space Institute,
Phone: (+45) 21269621, mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Gerard Muller has facilitated more than 300 Open Space events in various countries, for – among others - Alfa Laval, Astra Zeneca, AKZO-Nobel, Canon,  Ely Lilly, Fujitsu, Merck, Microsoft, Price Waterhouse Coopers, various ministries, provinces, cities and hospiutals, but also for NGO’s such as the World Wildlife Fund. He has also facilitated some 400 events with other interactive methods.

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