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The space

A good working space is essential for Open Space events.

Preferably one large room – instead of working with breakout rooms, which usually is more expensive, too.

The space must be:
large enough, about 2-2.5 square meters per participant
without an arrangement which is fixed or in different levels
have a wall on which posters may be attached.

The report

In producing the report, some laptops are required.
For groups up to 60 participants, 4 are needed, after which 1 laptop for each additional 20-25 participants must be added. For a group of 500 participants, 20 laptops are needed.

One printer is required to print one copy of each report as soon as it is available. These are posted on the wall, so participants can read what has been discussed in groups they did not participate in.

At the end of the meeting, each participants receives a copy of the report: either by copying on locations if fast copiers are available, or by E-mailing immediately afterwards.

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