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Owen, Harrison. Open Space Technology: A user's guide. San Francisco, Berret-Koehler, 2008. ISBN 1-57675-024-8
Owen, Harrison. Expanding our now: The story of Open Space technology. Berret-Koehler San Francisco, 1997. ISBN 1-57675-015-9
Owen, Harrison. The Power of spirit: How organisations Transform. Berret-Koehler S an Francisco, 2000. ISBN 1-57675-090-6
Holman, Peggy & Tom Devane. The Change Handbook. Group methods for shaping the future. Berret-Koehler San Francisco,2007. ISBN 1-57675-058-2


Salg gennem Open Space Institute Denmark:

Owen, Harrison. Understanding Open Space. CD box 5 audio CD's.
Costs: Dkr. 600.00 inclusive of VAT and transport.
Owen, Harrison. The Practice of Peace.
Costs: Dkr. 200.00 inclusive of VAT and transport.

Owen, Harrison og Jones, Michael (piano). Growing our now. Guided Experiences for Coming into the Present Moment. CD. Costs: Dkr. 200 inklusive of VAT and transport.

Owen, Harrison. Wave Rider, Leadership for High Performance in a Self-Organising World.
Costs: Dkr. 200.00 inklusive of VAT and transport.


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